Meet Our New Junior Project Manager, Dan Boice!

Posted by Samantha on March 30th, 2015

I grew up a cowboy, on a farm, with cows, chickens, and yes, horses.  Located in unincorporated Kingston, OR, the 15 acre farm was a growing boy's dream. My two younger brothers were my partners-in-crime, and we would do anything and everything to get into trouble. We lived in the dirt, with the animals, experiencing nature on a daily basis. That connection is what later would drive me towards SolTerra.

I went to high school in the town of Stayton, where I played tennis and wrestling, and fell in love with music in the choirs. From Stayton I went to the big city of Corvallis (it seemed big to me!), where I attended Oregon State University. I played on the Judo and Tennis clubs when I wasn't studying. My academic major changed several times before I decided to make Anthropology my field of study- I find human culture absolutely fascinating!  

After graduation, I landed a position with New Seasons Market in Portland, where I would learn that happy employees and sustainability can lead to a company's success. Over the next several years, I worked my way up the company ladder until I was the lead of shipment and inventory for several major stores. I began to hear about SolTerra after I met my wife, and I saw a correlation between the two companies- they valued sustainable living, health, family, and their employees. When I felt I needed a change, I applied to SolTerra. Leaving a comfortable job of almost a decade was a scary leap of faith, but I did it!  Now I am adding a completely new set of skills to my arsenal and having a blast doing it!    

I am currently a Junior Project Manager here at SolTerra, where I get to use my people skills, Anthropology degree, as well as my experience in coordination shipment of materials and inventory to facilitate the construction of amazing buildings. I hope to someday drive my (future) children around Portland and show them all the cool buildings I helped SolTerra build!


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